Kuromame Tea: Drink This Japanese Black Soybean Tea to lose weight and improve health

Are you interested to know about Japanese hack for weight loss? Try this black soybean tea aka Kuromame tea. Read on to know more.

The number of obese people are increasing at an alarming rate across the globe. Due to our sedentary life, we hardly can focus on healthy food as well as some physical activities. We all know that these two are most important factors to lose weight, however, one can also rely on some hacks which come handy to shed a few extra pounds. Calorie deficit, intermittent and eating patterns, diet fads such as Keto are some hacks we already know. Today we are talking about a lesser-known Japanese tea which can help to promote weight loss.

Health enthusiasts must be aware of the green tea boom in Japan and how it later spread to many nations including India. However, aside from green tea, Japan has one more tea for weight loss and better health. It is prepared not from leaves but from black soybeans. As per an article published in the Journal Of Obesity, these black soybeans can treat obesity.

Black soybean, which we know as “Crown Prince of Beans,” contains an antioxidant called anthocyanin. As per the Journal of Medicinal Food, anthocyanin is found to limit fat absorption by increasing lipid metabolism. Being rich in fiber, the bean tea works as an appetite controller. And fewer calories means fewer fats.

This is not all, the presence of isoflavones and saponin aid to increase the rate of metabolism. And better metabolism tends to faster fat burning and because of that our weight loss goal becomes easier to achieve.

Other Health Benefits

The polyphenol content in the soybeans work as anti-aging agents and the same helps us to look young and fresh. The concoction apparently decreases blood pressure among his hypertension patients and also lowers blood-sugar levels among his diabetic patients. It also works as a hormone regulator, decreases the chances of various heart diseases, lowers cholesterol, and reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). The best part of it is unlike Sencha or Matcha, this one is a herbal tea, which means it has no caffeine.

How to prepare Black soybean tea or kuromame tea?

It is very easy to prepare and you require just 5 minutes. 

1. The very step is to roast a few black soybeans in a hot pan.

2. As soon as the skin starts to split, take the pan off the stove.

3. Boil some water and add roasted black soybeans and let it simmer for a few minutes. 

You can have it when it is hot or cold. After brewing, you can enjoy eating the beans for extra fiber.