5 Versatile beauty ingredients that can be used for both skincare and haircare home remedies

Natural ingredients have the power to deal with any and every skincare and haircare issue. But, there are some that work wonders for both skin and hair and its time you know about it.

Natural ingredients are used as home remedies for years now. They work wonders in dealing with skin and hair issues. Some of these ingredients are passed down by our mothers or the ones we’ve discovered just along the way. From anti-ageing to scars and even shiny hair, some work for a particular problem while others are known to be used in both skincare and haircare. These 5 ingredients are the best for both skin and hair and one should be there in every girl’s beauty wardrobe. 

Coconut Oil

One of the oldest and the most effective natural ingredient, coconut oil is filled with essential fatty acids that nourish and moisturise the hair and skin. Apply it to your hair and skin before taking a bath and see the way it works wonders. It is also a great makeup remover. 


Another ingredient filled with moisturising properties, honey is one of the best things for the skin and hair. It moisturises the skin while also boosting collagen production. This keeps it from ageing. When mixed with sugar, it works as a great scrub. When used for the hair, it locks the moisture inside the cuticle while preventing any bacterial overgrowth on the scalp. 


Worked for years, yoghurt aka Dahi and curd is one of the best ingredients to use in face and hair packs. The lactic acid in yoghurt helps in moisturising the skin and hair. It is also filled with probiotics that deal with infections on the scalp like dandruff.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E is one of the best things to have in your beauty wardrobe. When mixed with oil, it helps in moisturising your hair and making it thick and shiny. When mixed with your moisturiser or face pack, it nourishes the skin and hydrates it from within. It also reduces any sun damage and appearance of scars. 

Aloe Vera

Natural or packaged, Aloe Vera is the best things to own or grow. There’s so much aloe vera can do – works as an anti-ageing gel, moisturises the skin, reduces blemishes and pigmentation, heals wounds, fights acne and whatnot. It also works wonders for the health of your hair by repairing dead cells and follicles on the scalp. It promotes hair growth and conditions your hair while also dealing with scalp issues like dandruff.